With a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a background in fine arts, I make sculptural objects and functional art. 
As the product of a lower-class immigrant household, I grew skeptical of the white institutionalized art world and constantly question my position in society. 
My work is inspired by the chaotic nature of the urban environment, decomposition, and the imperfect. 
I use the processes of "decay" and "erosion" to describe what I encounter in my life every day be it physical/urban (infrastructure, buildings, public spaces) or social (racism, homophobia, machismo, faux pas).  
I exploit this idea of decay and erosion into functional art by combining traditional media and found materials. 
With my most current work, I explore the decolonization of my own practice, ideals, and presentation within the western world. 
I am constantly finding ways to merge my experiences in social studies and art. Since 2011, I have collaborated with many artists and worked for artist collectives and alternative structures of creation and diffusion.
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