I was born in Mexico City in 1988 and raised in the southside of Chicago as a child immigrant. As the product of a lower-class immigrant household, I grew skeptical of the white institutionalized art world and questioned my position in society. Working my way up to my "American Dream," I received a B.A. in Studio Art from Northeastern Illinois University and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  

I make sculptural objects and functional art. My work reflects the chaotic urban environment, decomposition, and the imperfect nature of reality, which is somehow more surreal to me. I am accustomed to thinking about perfection as the norm.  

I see the processes of "decay" and "erosion" in my life every day, be it physically (underpasses, rusty street lights, dilapidated buildings, unused public spaces) or socially (racism, homophobia, machismo, faux pas). These are the ideas that feed my ambition to create. I then translate these into functional art by combining traditional media and found materials. Reuse has always been part of my practice. Growing up, my parents would pinch pennies; art supplies were never a priority. 

With my most current work, I explore the decolonization of my practice, ideals, and presentation within the western world. Since moving to Brussels and calling Belgium my new home, I encountered a culture shock that deepened some of the wounds I acquired as a child immigrant. My sculptures are a response to that.

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