Manny Manster 
Hi! I'm Emmanuel Cortés (Manny Manster), I live and work out of Brussels in Belgium. Mexican by blood, Chicagoan by heart, and Brussels sprout for love. Welcome to my virtual studio. 
Mainly working as a sculptor and clothing designer has allowed me to create a more circular practice. Reducing waste by using all the bits and pieces of larger projects in my smaller more explorative projects is a fun challenge. 
Below you will find my online presence in various spaces. I find that one medium can not express all that an artist has to say. As a maximalist, I enjoy showing as much as possible in as many different ways as possible, in my opinion, thi is a virtue many strive to suppress. From making video poems to keeping an online visual inspiration diary, to a disused online shop, these are all parts of my history I wish to share with you. Enjoy =)