Four available courses 60€/3h sessions
Objective: Deconstructing a garment for maximum material reuse.

What can I reuse? Where do I start? Learn garment construction in reverse.
Bring your own garment. Good preparatory for the Pattern Extraction class
Objective: Copy an existing garment
Extract a pattern from an existing garment without unsewing. This will help you recreate your favorite garment from scratch (almost)
Objective: Learn different finishing techniques
Learn different hemming and stitches for different materials. There are many ways we can modify existing garments or combine two garments to make a new one. In this course, we will learn tips and tricks to modify boring clothing into pieces you love! This course is also for those wanting to learn how to modify clothing to fit them better. 
Objective: Finish an already started project, or create a project you have in a pile
It depends on the project! Get in contact <3

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